Ep.11 - It's Criminal Not To Listen To Phoebe Judge

On the 11th episode of Fan Of Podcast, Stacy (the Casual Listener) and Johnny (the Podcast Fanatic) breakdown the fantastic podcast Criminal by Phoebe Judge and Radiotopia. Johnny and Stacy both recommend this show and go on to discuss online harassment and stalking which are issues featured in the 48th episode of Criminal - 8 Years of Online Stalking.

Criminal - Ep.48: 8 Years of Online Stalking (8.12.2016) - recap
In 2004, Melissa Anelli started and built a huge online community for Harry Potter book and movie fans. She created a fan webpage (The Leaky Cauldron) and had one of the first podcasts (Pottercast) in 2004. This time was dare we say "magical" for Melissa. This fan found a way to turn her passion into a career and was in the center of the whole Harry Potter phenomenon. She had a large social media and blogger following, interviewed J.K. Rowling and even wrote a New York Times best-selling book - Harry, A History. Things couldn't get any better for Melissa. Except in 2008, she received her first death threat on her blog comment section and her life has never been the same.

Ratings: (on a scale of 0 to 99% Invisible)
Stacy - 90 (highly recommend)
Johnny - 92 (highly recommend)

FOP show highlights:
> Recap of Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago
> Meeting Glynn Washington from Snap Judgement
> Johnny reveals he has a fake ID that says he is younger (22 years old)
> Stacy reveals that it's OK for Johnny to "stalk" her because they are married.

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