Ep.6 - Part 2 - Jason Frostholm - Creative South Podcast

This is Part 2 of Stacy and Johnny's interview of the interviewer Jason Frostholm from the Creative South Podcast. Jason's show focuses on personal conversations with the founders, speakers, family and friends of the amazing Creative South Design Conference (conference doesn't do this event justice - it's more like a family reunion) that happens every April in Columbus, Ga. We talk about:
> the origin story ofthe Creative South Conference
> the coolness of the city of Columbus, Ga
> Jason's favorite podcasts
> Creative South Podcast making Apple's New & Noteworthy list
> interviewing style and our love of Marc Maron
> personally connecting with show guests
> editing philosophies and other podcast-y nerd stuff
> evolving the Creative South podcast

Check out Jason's Part 1 Fan Of Podcast Interview

Creative South is a brilliant, fun and life changing weekend - and we agree that Jason's show is as Lenny Terrenzi (@heymonkjeydesign) states "spreading the Creative South cheer throughout the year."  Creative South podcast is a booster shot to maintain all the good vibes and feelings after you have attended Creative South. And if you haven't, it's the podcast to hear the stories, philosophies, success and failures of the best, brightest, established and up and coming graphic designers, illustrators, letters, and thinkers in the game.