Episode 3 - Does Handwriting Matter? - Freakonomics Podcast

Do you write things down anymore? Do school children need to learn handwriting and cursive? Is the pen and pencil obsolete in the 21st century? Stacy Wellborn and Johnny Gwin review and discuss Steve Dubner’s Freakonomics Podcast - Does Handwriting Matter?

Find out if Big Pencil and Big Pen is paying for corporate studies to manipulate you into buying their product, as Stacy and Johnny discuss the option of opening an Antique Pencil shop in NYC (HINT: NO FREAKING WAY). Stacy gives her thought on the subject from the view of the casual (but much smarter than her co-host) podcast perspective, and Johnny weighs in with snobbish podcast junkie POV.  Please excuse Johnny’s awful impression of Tennessee State Legislator Sheila Butt’s and his use of the word “FANNIES”. While he is not sorry, Stacy is not happy with our editor keeping these unfortunate moments in the podcast.

Listen to Freakonomics - Does Handwriting Matter?

Steve Dubner has an incredible podcast in Freakonomics. Weekly, Steve and his co-host Steve Levitt explore the hidden side and the puzzles of everyday life using the lens of economics. Riveting storytelling, enlightening interviews, dead-on analysis, and a healthy dose of humor makes this a Fan of Podcast favorite. Freakonomics Radio is well worth your precious time and we swear you feel smarter after each episode. We promise.

Ratings: (on a scale of 0 to 99% Invisible)
Stacy - 97 (highly recommend)
Johnny - 88 (highly recommend)

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