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Week 2 - When Fomo Meets Jomo

Do you know what FOMO means? How about Jomo? Note To Self, hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, talks to the creators of the term FOMO (Caterina Fake) and JOMO (Anil Dash) to dive deeper into the world of the FEAR OF MISSING OUT and the JOY OF MISSING OUT.

Is our social media news feeds making us more anxious and stressed out but triggering us to feel like we are not “Keeping Up With The Joneses”? This week Stacy and Johnny talk about the traps of "celebrity worship" and social media false perceptions. Plus, they discuss the importance ofunplugging mindfully from the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, and the internet. Keeping more things for yourself, a memory or experience not shared with your digital world, is something Johnny and Stacy are going to try in 2016. Would you like to join them?

Manoush Zomorodi (who has the best name in all of the podcastopia) is the host of the fantastic WNYC podcast, Not To Self. Her show masterfully explores how we humans can have a more purposeful use of technology in our world and our lives. Mannish and her team of producers and editors use interviews, stories, listener input and real-world experts, from elementary school teachers to big name techies, to help us all take control of our digital life and make tech more “human”.  Our favorite thing about Manoush, she reminds us weekly to QUESTION EVERYTHING!

{Stacy’s NOTE:}
Check out the Note To Self newest project INFOMAGICAL, a collective FOMO course correction. Their plan is to turn all of your information portals into overload-fighting machines.  Their goal is to make your devices more useful through a big follow-up to Bored and Brilliant – our 2015 project inviting people to rethink their relationships with their phone and become more creative in the process. Bottom line: Manoush wants us to start thinking about using technology mindfully, thoughtfully, and not necessarily all the time.  

Sign up to participate at wnyc.org/infomagical.
Challenge week starts February 1 and runs through February 5.

Stacy - 87 (highly recommend)
Johnny - 85 (highly recommend)

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