Ep.11 - It's Criminal Not To Listen To Phoebe Judge

On the 11th episode of Fan Of Podcast, Stacy (the Casual Listener) and Johnny (the Podcast Fanatic) breakdown the fantastic podcast Criminal by Phoebe Judge and Radiotopia. Johnny and Stacy explain why they recommend this show and go on to discuss online harassment and stalking which are issues featured in the 48th episode of Criminal - 8 Years of Online Stalking.

Ep.7 - Reverend Beverly Gibson from Pulpit To Pew

Johnny gave Stacy the week off this week from Fan Of Podcast in lieu of sharing some extra bonus interview material of Reverend Beverly Gibson, host of the Pulpit To Pew podcast. Reverend Gibson is the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile, Alabama shares her interest in the medium of podcasting and some of her go-to shows she frequently listens to. Plus, Beverly reveals a secret of why she refrains from listening to certain spiritual and religious podcasts.

Ep.6 - Part 2 - Jason Frostholm - Creative South Podcast

This is Part 2 of Stacy and Johnny's interview of the interviewer Jason Frostholm from the Creative South Podcast. Jason's show focuses on personal conversations with the founders, speakers, family and friends of the amazing Creative South Design Conference (conference doesn't do this event justice - it's more like a family reunion) that happens every April in Columbus, Ga.

Episode 2 - FOP - When Fomo Meets Jomo Review - Note To Self

This week Stacy and Johnny reviews the Note ToSelf episode "When Fomo Meets Jomo". Join them as they discuss the traps of "celebrity worship" and social media false perceptions. Plus, the need to unplug mindfully from the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, and the internet. Is our social media newsfeed making us more anxious and stressed out because it triggers feeling like we are not “Keeping Up With The Joneses”?

Best 9 Podcasts of 2015

Our best of list for 2015. This has been a great year for podcasts. We have some local, national, new, established, female and male voices in this year's list. It was practically impossible to narrow down the list to nine choices. The amount of talent in the podcast-o-sphere is mind-blowing, and I can't thank you all enough for the hours of enjoyment we receive from your creativity, production and hard work.