“My name is Johnny and I am a podcast junkie.”

It all started when someone sent me a 99% Invisible episode to my email - I have been hooked since. I immediately fell in love this medium of creativity, knowledge, storytelling, and DIY spirit. It reminds me of the disruption, energy, and excitement of the first decade of punk rock. Someone has an idea, a story, a perspective and they can share it with the world without a huge following, production, or budget. Podcast giants like NPR, This American Life, Roman Mar, and Alex Blumberg have their flavor and are always delivering mind-blowing and world-class infotainment episodes. But, my favorite feeling is finding the smaller and more indie podcasts like Scott Carrier’s beautiful and personal Home Of The Brave or Nick Mateo’s incredible slices of hidden history with The Memory Palace. There is a huge world of podcast entertainment on-demand on the internet. The purpose of FOP is to help others find some the best shows in this bountiful sea of podcast goodness. Thanks for visiting fanofpodcast.com and letting me share my favorite podcast moments.

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