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PODCAST of the DAY 9.30.15



On The Media – Aired 9.30.2015

Yes that viral meme saying you own your copyright on Facebook...it's fake and worthless. in reality you cannot cover your tracks online and you give up almost all ownership of your work when you post your masterpieces and genius on a third party platform. Your email is not even private and can be used in court against you. The internet is a giant copy machine - just understand that - and learn to control your information with encryption and asking for common courtesy. Oh...AND QUIT POSTING THAT HOAX MEME - it's a waste of time for you and everyone else.

Listen to That Facebook Dislaimer? Ignore It

PODCAST of the DAY 9.29.15

The Ad Blocker's Dilemma: Sell Your Soul or Destroy the Internet

Note to Self – Aired 9.23.2015
by Manoush Zomorod

There is a struggle of good and evil on the internet waged everyday. We love great free content but we hate the fuel that makes that content possible: ADVERTISING. Apple and Google have made ad blocking apps available - what will happen to the smaller websites whose business model relies on banner ads and remarking? Would you pay for premium subscriptions on the internet to get the content you are receiving now? HINT: stats say probably now. Is this the death of online advertising? Are you going to load an ad blocker app, let Manoush walk you through this ethical digital midfield and show you how easy (or hard) it is to install an AD BLOCKER. 

Listen to The Ad Blocker's Dilemma

PODCAST of the DAY 9.28.15

A Tour of burnt churches (Parts 1-4)

Home of the Brave – Aired 9.25.2015
by Scott Carrier

After reading about a number of Black Churches burned in the ten days following the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Scott Carrier traveled down south with his recorder and his curiosity to see if these fires were racial motivated. With eye witness accounts and personal interviews, Scott reveals a human, a rural and a racial reality in the U.S. Not all Black Church fires are cut and dry. Some were struck by lightning some are rumored to be started by the KKK. 

Listen to A Tour of Burnt Churches (Parts 1-4)


PODCAST of the DAY 9.26.15


The Source Of Creativity

Ted Radio Hour – Aired 9.25.2015
by Guy Raz

Guy Razz explores the mystery of creativity.  Is creativity something we are born with, or can we learn it? With edited Ted Talks by Sting, Charles Limb, Sir Ken Robinson, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Find out how the songwriting muse works, leaves and can be rediscovered. Hear where creativity comes from. Her the tale of a how a rambunctious little girl, with the help of a very progressive doctor, grew up to become the choreographer of Cats and Phantom of the Opera. This is an enlightening episode into the spirit, academia and heart of getting past fears and putting something out into the world. Heck, even Sting is tolerable and not his douch-ey self.

Listen to Source of Creativity

Podcast of the Day - 9.14.15

Snap #623 - Man On A MissioN

Snap Judgement – Aired 9.11.2015
by Glynn Washington

Astronauts. Doomsday preppers losing their mind. Hair band metal drama and extended guitar solos. An Iragi Terrorist Whisperer. Glynn and the Snap Judgement crew create an out of this world episode of stories of people with a purpose. No a passion. A calling. Check out these amazing stories of lead, follow or get out of the way - and always with a driving beat.

Listen to Man On A Mission

FOP: Top 5 Podcasts August 10 - 17, 2015 


Episode 176- Hard to Love a Brute

99 Percent Invisible – Aired 8.11.2015
by Roman Mars & Avery Trufelman

Brutalist architecture is just the academic way of saying building gigantic, imposing buildings made of concrete. People love to hate these "alienating" goliaths. These concrete buildings and architecture are metaphorically between a cinder block and hard place. They are seen too outdated to be modern and too young to be classic. Some haters, especially politicians, want these hard to maintain and possibly decaying buildings to be torn down, while another bands of architects, architect enthusiasts and preservationists want to preserve these buildings, designs, and philosophical ideas. Are these "Brutes" a time capsule of the imagined future of what people were thinking 50 years ago? Should we tear down these "cold" and often "actively neglected" buildings or should we strive to preserve them like a sculpture?

Listen to Hard to love a Brute


Episode 17: Working for the Friendly Man

Home of the Brave – Aired 8.14.2015
by Scott Carrier

Home of the Brave is not for every listener. It's feels like an open door to writer and producer Scott Carpenter's inner thoughts on stories he's already made or is currently making in real time. He exposes his life's ups and downs and his feelings on topics from the view of an intimate conversation. We think he is a masterful interviewer and producer. And like that quirky indie band your friends "just don't get" - some of us at FOP are addicted to this show and for some strange reason can't give a specific reason why.

This episode documents Scott's time gathering interviews and stories on the road for a very well-known radio personality (the Friendly Man). After discovering that sleeping in a car is something that can get the attention of the local authorities - Scott lets us peak behind the curtain of corporate media reporting and journalism. Are the stories we hear really just postcards of what the news producers think "the people want to hear" and not the real story?

Listen to Working for the Friendly Man


Episode 564 - Too Soon?

This American Life - Aired 8.14.2015

You've been JUICED! An OJ Simpson career-comeback prank reality show pilot. Yes, this is a real thing. A menstruation and puberty conversation between mother and daughter using a retro film named "pink slip." When is a moment uncomfortable or just in really bad taste? Some moments are just too awkward, embarrassing, or hard to relive. When is "too soon" actually too soon? This American Life episode shares these stories and as usual their show and insight is always "right on time."

Listen to Too Soon?


Episode 621: Crash & Burn

Snap Judgement - Aired 8.14.2015
Glynn Washington's storytelling podcast will have you on the edge of your seat while your toe is tapping in rhythm.

Hear the tale of Dale, the accidental drug dealing, bohemian rock climber. Meet Jupiter, the Scotch and cocaine fueled, car chase artist. And finally, Jared, the bipolar ETF Wall Street burnout. This episode brilliantly deals with stories of people who manage to take things too far and possibly over the limit.

Listen to Crash & Burn


Episode 645: How To Stop An Asteroid

Planet Money - Aired 8.14.2015

An episode using Bruce Willis quotes from Armageddon?  YES - this makes the list immediately. Why don't we have a solution to protect the Earth from the scary destruction by a fiery death ball from the sky? According to Planet Money, it is actually feasible and relatively easy. Well the science might be, not the economics. Who will pay for it and is it a high enough priority to the world when there are much more pressing issues?

Listen to How to Stop An Asteroid


5 weeks in to these TOP5 lists and I see that I am picking the same great shows every week. Let's be honest I could pick Planet Money and 99 Percent Invisible every week - they are always just that good. We want to find more of the lesser known shows. So, I am asking for your help. Please share your favorite shows or maybe your own show with us so the FOP crew can check them out. You can hit us up at @fanofpodcast or email us at fanofpodcast@gmail.com. Thanks for your help and support.


Great show, not in the TOP5, but we wanted to share.

Ep. 26: We Can Quit the Internet Anytime We Want

Inc. Uncensored - Aired 8.14.2015

We love Inc. Magazine. Editor James Ledbetter and staff members have a fun and electric discussion of trending tech stories and bits of info heard around the world that piques their interests. Loose and educational, this is a great show - one that I would like to actually mimic if I had my own "discussion" show - {Editors note: I don't think my cadre would be quite as distinguish as the Uncensored Crew}. While this week’s episode is solid it's not my favorite - but this is a great show to add to your Podcast, Overcast or Stitcher playlist. These casual discussions will make you feel smarter and "in the know" and it usually comes with a smile and a laugh. Make sure to check out the "LIKE" section at the end of every show. I definitely "LIKE" it myself.



FOP: Top 5 Podcasts July 27 - August 10, 2015                                


After attending the amazing Podcast Movement Conference in Fort Worth, we are running a little behind at FOP with our weekly TOP 5. Please bare with us and we promise to catch up by mid-August. If you get a chance, check out details about next years 2016 Podcast Movement event in Chicago. We promise you - if you love, do or want to do a podcast - do yourself a favor and make it to #PM16.

Episode > A New Type of Hustle (Stillness)

Where There’s Smoke – Aired 7.28.2015
This podcast is a perfect blend of interview and narrative formats. Think self-help and motivation with a boat load of pop culture references and relevant lessons. Be a better you while being entertained along the way.

Gary Vaynerchuk named “hustle” the most important word ever. What if “go, go, go” is not exactly the best way to get ahead in life and business. Brett Gajda Nick Jaworski explore a new angle of “hustle” with Kyra Maya Philips, co-author of the book The Misfit Economy. This new angle is including “stillness” with all the go, go, go. Take the time to quiet the world, formulate and execute strategy with all the hard work. This episode spotlights Duane Jackson and his use of 3 years in prison to have the time and solitude to plan a 20 million dollar tech company. Let’s all learn how to let go of more and let WTS expose you to the mindset of the thinking man’s hustle.

Listen to A New Type of Hustle (Stillness)



Episode 11: Black Stockings

Lore – Aired 7.27.2015
Lore is Aaron Mahnke’s beautiful podcast about true life, scary stories that tries to explain the unexplainable.

Changelings - A kind of medieval European fairy in folklore that enters our world and leaves a fairy to take the place of a kidnapped human. Through “portals” from another realm - these fairies steal children and leave a withered 1000 year old entity in their place. The legends have 3 forms - senile ancient fairy disguised as child, an actual fairy child, or an inanimate object substitution like a log or carved log (a “stock”). If a child was born with a birth defect or is unruly - these conditions are seen as not their “true” baby - but a fairy substitution. So any unwanted changes in children and adults would make a family suspect a changeling. An accusation of a changeling in a family home was believed to bring fear, curse, and evil to your home. Common belief also included a set of certain fiery tests and violent treatments performed to get your loved one back from the fairies. Lore explores the most told stories of these unholy swaps, shares the tragic tale of Bridgette Cleary, and tells you why you do not laugh at a boot in a bowl of soup in Ireland.

Listen to Black Stockings



Episode: True Crime

On The Media – Aired 8.07.2015
Brooke Gladstone and her “cleared-eye” look at touchy cultural subjects discussed and reported in all media, including NPR. With the weapons of frankness, fairness and transparency, this show takes on the talking heads in worldwide media newsrooms and their reporting.

Has murder and crime entertainment finally reached radio and podcasts? It’s ubiquitous and popular in all mediums. OTM explores the dark world of violent crime that draws a lot of listeners like moths to the bug zapper. What is this draw? Will we have 10 new shows like the the now famous “SERIAL” podcast? From the picking the “deserted island” book of true crime, to the tabloid-zation of justice (Pamela Smart trial), to amateur forensic online super sleuths solving unsolved cold cases, hear this sleazy, bloody, and surprisingly smart defense of true crime in the media.

Listen to True Crime


Episode 643: The Taxi King

Planet Money – Aired 7.31.2015

How much money does it take to have taxi cab empire in NYC? Is UBER destroying these taxi cab empires? Or, are these empires (and their loan happy banks) destroying themselves? Is there a taxi cab medallion “bubble” on the way? Meet Gene Friedman, a self-proclaimed “Taxi King." Hear how he bid up and bought any taxi cab medallion he could get his hands on and how his “kingdom” is under attack and possibly speeding head-on into a tragic ending.

Listen to The Taxi King



#34: DMV Nation

Reply All – Aired 8.06.2015
Gimlet Media

Why does it cost 200 million dollars for the US government to make a horrible website?
Why you might want to move to Estonia?
What can Disney teach the US government about system management and logistics?

Technologist Clay Johnson talks about his passion project of finding and discussing the WORST websites that the US government has created and launched. His favorite website is sam.gov - really, check out this national website disaster of a website. Insights into the still much-maligned healtchcare.com is discussed and you will see how the political red tape makes it impossible for any local, state and federal department to have a user-friendly and efficient website. Learn about the Paper Work Reduction Act of 1980 and it’s legacy of unintentional consequences. PJ does a great job of uncovering why the US government can’t keep up or ever be able to catch up with the newest technology for websites and social media communication.

Listen to DMV Nation


FOP: Top 5 Podcasts July 20-27, 2015


Episode 50 > Jim Jones and Jonestown

Sword and Scale – Aired 7.19.2015
A true crime podcast focused on the underworld of criminal activity and the terrifying studies of the people who do the most heinous crimes.

Jonestown, the site of the 20th century's largest mass suicide, did not just happen. The charismatic and disturbed Jim Jones used fire and brimstone Christian sermons, classic cult brainwashing techniques, paranoia, race-baiting, drug use, and unchecked power with his People’s Temple to eventually get them to leave the US and move to his "utopian" Jonestown in Guyana. Sword and Scale traces the little-known early life of Jim Jones as a child and how this was possibly the foundation to his sinister plans and actions. WARNING: hearing the eery and disturbing tapes of the fateful day when 909 Americans took or lost their lives is hard to listen to and will make you cringe. From community activist and local political power broker to infamous “Cult leader,” hear the chilling and disturbing Jim Jones story. Learn what “drinking the Kool-Aid” really means and decide if this horrible event of death was an act of “revolution,” or was it murder?

Listen to Episode 50 - Jim Jones and Jonestown

HBM043: Last Chance To Evacuate Earth

Here Be Monsters – Aired 7.22.2015
The podcast for those who are interested in pursuing their fears and facing the unknown.

Ever wonder how anyone can get caught up in a “cult”? Heaven’s Gate was a mix of Christianity, new age metaphysics, UFO conspiracies, website design, & Star Trek. Led by Marshall Applewhite, known as “Doe”, who believed and convinced others that he was the son of God and was sent to earth by aliens to be a great leader to bring people to spirituality and enlightenment. The members were extremely dependant on and loyal to “Doe”. It is said they did anything he asked. Including the possibility of committing the murder of two FBI agents that were investigating the group. When not devoting themselves to “Doe" and his teachings, the members had to find a way to afford living in the California mansion they called home. To make ends meet they designed websites for the cult-owned website company called “Higher Purpose.” Their own Heaven’s Gate website is quite an impressive site and earned them a good bit of business before the group arrived at it’s tragic end. In 1997, all 39 members committed mass suicide by drinking poison. Why did they do it? Simple, they believed that if they freed their soul from their bodies - they could catch a ride on a spaceship that was hiding and following the Hale Bopp Comet.

Listen to Last Chance To Evacuate Earth


#33: @ISIS

Reply All – Aired 7.23.2015

The very talented Reply All guys spotlight journalist Rukmini Callimachi who covers Islamic journalism for the New York Times. She has gained access to these dangerous groups, that almost no other journalist has, by connecting with the terrorist groups on social media, specifically Twitter. This is a fascinating show that pulls back the curtain on the violent world of Al Qaeda and reveals that even the MOST WANTED terrorists in the world have the same petty nuisances and problems of any office or corporation. Expense reports, memos, & reports of discipline issues between management and staff. Seriously! Terrorists getting in trouble over expense reports blew my mind. The first half of this show is great and the customer service segment of “Yes, Yes, No” (which I normally love) feels a little like “filler.” Even when half the show disappoints, PJ and Alex still have one of the best produced and entertaining podcasts out there. Well worth half a listen.

Listen to @ISIS



Episode 23: Triassic Park

Criminal – Aired 7.17.2015
True crime podcast about people who have done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.

Stealing petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is a serious crime. It happens all the time and the rangers are actually really tired of having to frisk, search, and chastise parents for blaming their crimes on their innocent children. BTW - they know every trick in the book, so you are not going to fool them if you think you can sneak out an illegal souvenir from this ancient park. But if you do get some petrified wood out of the park you might want to think twice before you leave with it. It seems this “karmic” wood brings “bad luck” and “dire consequences.” People have been sending tons of wood back in the mail, with apologetic letters telling tales of woe because of this supposed“curse”.

Listen to Triassic Park


Episode 561: NUMMI 2015

This American Life – Aired 7.17.2015
Host: Ira Glass
Correspondent: Frank Langfitt

This is an update of one of my favorite TAL shows ever. NUMMI, the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., was a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota. In 1984,  Toyota agreed to show GM all of their secrets in its highly efficient production system. The Japanese made cars better, faster, and cheaper. GM took its worst plant along with NUMMI and this new “production philosophy” they miraculously turned the worst workers into one of the best plants in the country. While never achieving the quality of the Japanese imports, GM was improving and found a system to keep improving. GM never fully embraced the NUMMI “way” in all of its other plants and when GM went bankrupt, it closed NUMMI in 2010. Why didn’t GM fully embrace this “better way”? Why was the rest of the American car business unable to make the changes Toyota offered GM? Has GM learned its lesson and finally caught up with its Japanese competition?

Listen to NUMMI 2015



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